What is USDT?

USDT is one of the famous used cryptocurrency worldwide, it formed under three different blockchain which are OMNI, ERC20 and ETC20. The price of USDT are 99% equivalent to USD, which made the price of USDT are much stable compared to other ctyptocurrency such as BTC, ETH and so on.

Is my money safe?

Yes, as we are regulated under ASIC licensing, AFS no: 0012777523, all transactions are following ASIC rules and regulation. Meantime, there’s no restriction when it comes to merchant withdrawal, where you can always make a full withdrawal transfer of USDT to your own E-wallet. On the other hand, we applied multilevel security in accessing your merchant account, making withdrawal transaction or transferring USDT out of your merchant account.

Is the transaction secure?

Yes, with our latest blockchain technology, all deposit/withdrawal transaction are fully encrypted and along with bank security system to ensure all transaction unable to manipulate nor hacked.

How to register merchant account?

Access to this link https://otc.p2pay.tech/idae/toRegister or contact one of our sales representative by clicking here.

Is there any charges for register InfinitePay merchant account?

No, there’s no charges when it comes to registering merchant account, so why not try it now?

What are the charges for having a merchant account under InfinitePay?

Our charges are transparent, charges are charged based on your client’s each deposit transaction, and all the charges will be shown in your merchant account.

What kind of business industry can register as Infinite Pay merchant?

All kind of business industry such as Forex, E-commerce, Gaming and so on. Business where against the law, contain illegal activities or against the InfinitePay terms and condition are forbidden.

Can i customized my merchant name?

Yes, you may set a merchant name on your interest, and always modify it by informing on of our sales representative.

What does it takes to register InfinitePay merchant account?

All you need is just sign-up two account, which is main merchant account and approval account with us.

How long it takes for InfinitePay merchant account ready to be use?

Our sales representative will assist you along the process from signing up accounts, account verification, to API integration is just an hour time.

How client make deposit transaction in InfinitePay?

All deposit order are assign with random local coin-seller, your client can choose to make deposit transfer to the specific coin-seller’s bank account thru local bank transfer or telegraphic transfer.

How long does it takes for client’s money reaching my merchant account?

It depending on the way of client making deposit deposit transfer, if it’s local bank transfer, it should be reaching your merchant account within 2-30 minutes time.

What is the option of liquidating USDT from InfinitePay merchant account?

You can choose to withdraw USDT to your local currency thru local bank transfer or transfer USDT direct to your E-wallet.